Brace yourselves, snow could be on the way 1 year ago

Brace yourselves, snow could be on the way

It's going to be a wet day today in most places with some heavy and possibly thundery showers expected.

According to Met √Čireann, it's going to get even worse tonight with frost affecting the country. Snow is also forecast for areas along the Atlantic coast, initially affecting higher ground but could also hit lower levels too. Temperatures will be between +1 and -1 degrees.

Tomorrow will start out dry but western areas will see some wintry showers sweeping in, with snow forecast in the morning. The showers will then move across the country but will mostly consist of rain until the afternoon.

Temperatures will range from 4 to 7 degrees but windy conditions in the morning will make it seem much colder.


Further wintry showers are expected later in the week but the outlook for the weekend is looking good for now, with dry spells expected.