Bray fire uncovers massive 'EIRE' sign from World War 2 4 years ago

Bray fire uncovers massive 'EIRE' sign from World War 2

A fire in Bray has uncovered a giant 'EIRE' sign dating back to World War 2.

A Garda air support unit crew noticed the sign earlier today following a fire that had spread throughout Bray Head.


They took to Twitter to share images of the incredible find this afternoon.

An Garda Síochána wrote:

"Garda Air Support Unit crew spotted that the fire on Bray Head has revealed an “EIRE” sign dating from the Second World War.

"We see these around the coastline but haven’t seen this before."


RTE reports that signs such as these were installed during the Second World War to warn airmen flying above that they were travelling over a neutral country.

The 'EIRE' signs tended to appear in western parts of Ireland, and it is rare to discover one on the east.

The signs, made mostly of stones, were installed by local volunteers during the war.


There are over 80 of them spread around the country.