You can now buy the real 'Harry Potter' Privet Drive house 5 years ago

You can now buy the real 'Harry Potter' Privet Drive house

Consider this the ultimate collectible for Harry Potter fans.

The real life house used as the setting for 4 Privet Drive in the first Potter film has come on the market in Martins Heron in Berkshire, England.


The actual address is known as Picket Post Close - which, to be fair, sounds equally Potterian as Privet Drive - and was used as the home of Harry's vile Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia Dursley, as well as their obnoxious son Dudley.



Orphan Harry, of course, lived in a tiny cupboard under the stairs in the house - that is, until he discovers his wizarding destiny and sets off for Hogwarts.


The house only featured in the debut Potter film, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, and then a specially-built replica was built in a movie studio for the remaining films.



It's currently listed on the site of real estate agent Chancellors, and is described as being "situated in a quiet cul-de-sac location, this detached property has recently undergone complete renovation to an extremely high standard".

Notably, it's listed as having three bedrooms and a cloakroom - which is presumably Harry's old room.

It has been totally renovated and modernised, and you can check out its full spec here.