You can now have your say in the new Dublin Bus routes 4 years ago

You can now have your say in the new Dublin Bus routes

Do you want something to change? Or do you want things to stay the same?

It was announced last month that Dublin Bus is to coincide with a London firm which will start operating 10 percent of the city routes this year.


The UK firm, called Go Ahead, will be introduced into Ireland later in October, however there has been a lot of concern over the proposed plans.

Dublin City Councillor Noeleen O'Reilly said that people are confused about the change, and the new proposed routes are not making the most of the city.

She said: "It is not capturing the actual needs of users which may differ from the plans," and that "people may not engage in the process as they will be unclear on what is actually proposed."


She added: "The maps provided are not clear and it is very difficult to see what actual changes are proposed."

Today, however, public transport users have been asked to share their thoughts on the proposed routes, and also comment on the layout and frequency of the buses.

If you want to check out the public consultation report, or share your views, you can check it out here.