Childcare providers set to hold a protest in Dublin next month as crisis continues 1 year ago

Childcare providers set to hold a protest in Dublin next month as crisis continues

Childcare has been a big issue in Ireland for a long time.

Many families across the country struggle to afford childcare and those who can afford it find there is a lack of available places in crèches.


In addition to this, most childcare providers working in the sector say they are being drastically underpaid and that they plan to take action.

According to RTÉ, the protest, organised by an alliance of groups, will go ahead on February 5.

A statement was recently released in which the chairperson of the Association of Childhood Professionals Chairperson, Marian Quinn, said:

"High quality services don't come cheap and we can't continue to subsidise the true cost of provision through low wages, unsustainable services, and high fees for parents."

Over the years both those working in the childcare section and families have asked for the government to help this crisis by covering some of the costs allowing parents better access to childcare and providers better wages.

According to the trade union SIPTU, early years educators earn just €11.45 on average, well below the living wage.


The organisers are hoping the protest will raise awareness for a number of issues including adequate funding and affordable childcare for parents and families.

As a working parent, I'm lucky to be able to rely on family for my childcare needs as the current cost of childcare for two children would swallow up my entire pay packet every month.

Because of situations similar to this, many parents are finding that one must leave their job to ease the financial burden of childcare costs.