Dublin will soon have a brand new suburb - say hello to Clonburris 11 months ago

Dublin will soon have a brand new suburb - say hello to Clonburris

Every time you think you know the city, it only goes and sprouts a whole new suburb!

The South Dublin City Council made the announcement of the full development plans for Clonburris and the official website is accepting submissions and observations on the new suburb, which can be made here.

Meanwhile, from the information that has already been announced, here's what we know about Clonburris:

  • It will have just under 8,500 homes, with the aim of housing around 21,000 people.
  • It will be found just south of Dublin's up-til-now most recent suburb, Adamstown.
  • It will consist of three mini urban centres: Clonburris, Kishoge and Adamstown South.
  • All in, it will be around the same size as Balbriggan.
  • It will contain 4 primary and 4 secondary schools, shops and services and 90 hectares of parks-areas.
  • Both the Fonthill train stop and the current closed Kishogue train station will service the suburb
  • The National Transport Authority announced that the suburb will be linked to Tallaght, Blanchardstown and the Luas services by high frequency circular bus route.

And here's what the proposed layout of the town will look like: