Conor McGregor caught up in trademark battle with make-up brand MAC 2 years ago

Conor McGregor caught up in trademark battle with make-up brand MAC

Well this is...something.

Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC) have reportedly opposed Conor McGregor's application to trademark one of his nicknames.

The Dubliner has been trying tie down a number of trademarks that are associated with his personal brand over the last few months - including 'Mystic Mac', the nickname he got from prediction the results of his UFC fights.

He is said to have submitted the application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office in September last year.

However, according to the Irish Times, MAC contested the Notorious' application last month.

The New York-based makeup giant made the objection on the grounds that if McGregor uses the proposed brand to sell toiletries, it could end up being confused with their projects.

The fighter's application was also opposed by the German company that owns the clothing brand Mac Jeans.

They claimed that it would confused customers if McGregor applied the proposed brand to clothing.

Both Mac Jeans and the make-up brand MAC have until June to provide the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Spain with further evidence to back up their case.

The Irish Times also notes that, through McGregor Sports and Entertainment, the Dubliner is seeking a European trademark for 'ChampChamp' - the nickname he gave himself after he won two championship belts in two different weight divisions of the UFC.

The Irish division of the company behind Champion sportswear objected to the application last month.

Cleats LLC, an American company that makes the Champ brand of studs on sports footwear, also opposed the application.