Cork student suffers awful count of sexism while house hunting 5 years ago

Cork student suffers awful count of sexism while house hunting

In the ever growing costs of rent in today's disastrous economic climate, most people know the struggle of trying to find a room to rent.

In cities such as Dublin, Galway and Belfast there are incredible shortages of accommodation for the large numbers of students attending university.


Another area where many people struggle to find a house share before the college year begins is the Rebel county, Cork.


Spotted on, one anonymous reader described how she was discriminated against in not getting a room in a house that she viewed.

The 24-year-old was delighted to view the house which was situated perfectly near UCC where she'd be attending for the next year.

She greeted and chatted with the two guys and found they had common interests, and even found out they'd be in the same faculty.

She found camaraderie with the lads and was sure that there'd be a burgeoning friendship between the trio as she'd be given the room for the year.

But things took a very disappointing turn when she was sent this feeble, cowardly text at 1.42am in the morning.


The text reads:

"The bad news is, we don't want you to live with us. The good news is it's b/c we think your too hot and you'll distract us from studying. Sorry about that. Good luck with finding a place."


It's just NOT good enough.