Courteney Cox just shared the CUTEST photo of her daughter and herself at their first dance 3 years ago

Courteney Cox just shared the CUTEST photo of her daughter and herself at their first dance

This is so sweet.

Recently Jennifer Anniston has been the Instagram queen sharing cute reunion photos of herself and the Friends gang along with her shenanigans with Reese Witherspoon.


This week though it was Courteney Cox and her Instagram that everyone was obsessed with after she shared this adorable mother/daughter snap.

The gorge shot shows Courteney at her first formal dance and her daughter Coco on the way out to her first formal dance.

Both Courteney and Coco look stunning but the Friends star did bring attention to her far more conservative outfit especially after someone asked her in the comments if she was wearing a turtleneck;

"Our first formals! I’m not saying times have changed but, someone is a little more “formal” than someone else. Obviously it was a little chillier in Alabama."


Others who spotted the photo couldn't help but comment on Cox's retro hairdo;

"I keep zooming in on your hair. I mean.....amazing."

Coco, who is also the daughter of actor David Arquette, often makes an appearance on her mother's Instagram and we're loving the mother/daughter content.

Coco has already racked up a few credits on IMDB but we wouldn't mind seeing a TV show (or even a reality) show with both Coco and Courteney.


Who knows if that Friends reunion episode is happening Coco could even make an appearance as Monica and Chandler's daughter Erica.

We can live in hope at least.

Cox is currently in a relationship with Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid and was even spotted around and about Ireland several times last year.

Aside from potentially rejoining the crew at Central Perk, Cox has recently appeared in Modern Family and is currently filming a new TV show Last Chance U.