DCU students campaign to save classmate from being deported this weekend 4 years ago

DCU students campaign to save classmate from being deported this weekend

DCU students have launched a campaign to save their classmate from being deported this weekend.

Shepherd Machaya fled Zimbabwe following torture from political groups and to escape the escalating conflict and danger to his life.


He was granted a scholarship through DCU's University of Sanctuary scheme, which offers university places to displaced refugees.

The second year student is facing imminent deportation this Sunday, October 21.

DCU Student Union has launched a petition in an attempt to revoke Machaya's deportation order.

They have written an open letter to Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan, urging him to take immediate action on the case and save Machaya who "embodies everything that we as Irish citizens strive to be."


The letter reads:

"If he was to return to Zimbabwe, he would be in imminent danger, with the potential of facing more torture from political groups that he came here to escape, following the death of his best friend at the hands of same.

"This man is resilient, diligent and brave, he has shown that he is here to better himself and be part of our society. In the last nine years, despite his challenging living circumstances in Direct Provision, he has overcome great odds to advance academically."

Since arriving in Ireland, Machaya has completed a course in Software Development in Portlaoise College and is now a second-year Management of Information Technology and Information Systems student in DCU.


The union states that sending Machaya back to Zimbabwe is "in no one's best interest."

"Such values and examples of determination and hard work should not be deported from our country, but cherished," the letter reads.

"As a Minister, who has shown empathy and equity in his work in the past, we urge you to do the right thing here."

The online petition, Save Our Shepherd, has already received over 6,500 signatures.