"...the dirt on the FAI's shoe" - Irish National Women's team highlights appalling treatment 2 years ago

"...the dirt on the FAI's shoe" - Irish National Women's team highlights appalling treatment

This is an insult to sportswomen across the country.

The Senior Women's National football team have held a press conference in Dublin today, highlighting their unfair treatment at the hands of the FAI.

From sharing apparel to missing out on bonus fees, the elite athletes who represent our nation face a constant uphill battle.

Not only are they forced to miss work days (many of them are non-professional) they are also forced to share kit with junior teams and any match fees for international fixtures are a pipe dream.

The team released a collective statement before the press conference:

Credit Maria Crowe Twitter

Republic of Ireland correspondent with UEFA Maria Crowe was at the event this morning and she's been live-tweeting:

The outpouring of support today on the back of the press conference has been major:

In a statement, the Football Association of Ireland said it was deeply disappointed that members of the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team "have threatened to withdraw from playing for their country in the upcoming match versus Slovakia on April 10, 2017."

The statement reads:

"The ultimatum by the players concerned comes in spite of repeated invitations from the FAI to the Players to discuss clear and tangible financial offers for the payment and compensation of members of the squad.

Repeated efforts by the Association have been made in a bid to encourage the players to row back from their unprecedented ultimatum."

The FAI claims it has attempted to bring the players to the table, "only to have the offer rebuked at every turn" on five occasions.

We doubt anyone in this country would ask the men's National team to change in the jacks and return their kit... why is it different for women?

Fair play ladies.