Disney has cut a creepy sexual harassment scene from Toy Story 2 after #MeToo 1 year ago

Disney has cut a creepy sexual harassment scene from Toy Story 2 after #MeToo

Seriously uncomfortable viewing.

There are plenty of movies that have aged badly in the wake of the Hollywood's sexual harassment scandal - but we didn't expect Toy Story 2 to be one of them.


Thanks to the #MeToo movement, filmmakers have (rightly) become very cautious over how they handle sex and the treatment of women on screen.

Now even Disney has had to take a hard look at itself.

The studio has removed a scene from 1999's Toy Story 2 which suggests that Prospector Stinky Pete offers two Barbie dolls movie roles in return for sex.

In the fake 'blooper' reel at the end of the film, Pete is seen chatting to the Barbies inside his toy packaging.

"You know I'm sure I could get you a part in Toy Story 3," he's seen telling the dolls, taking their hands and chuckling.

But Pete quickly becomes embarrassed when he spots that Woody is looking on, horrified.


"I'm sorry, are we back?" Pete asks as his face drops.

He quickly shoos the dolls away as the scene comes to an end.

"All right, girls. Lovely talking with you.

"Yes, any time you'd like some tips on acting I'd be glad to chat with you."

Disney re-released Toy Story 2 on Blu-Ray and digital last year but movie fans are only now spotting that this moment was removed.

You can watch the whole uncomfortable thing here.


The scene is based on Hollywood's historical casting couch culture, where powerful executives look advantage of young talent.

It's a reminder that that harassment was an in-joke; one so innocuous that it was included in a kids' film.

Disney, which bought Toy Story's studio Pixar in 2006, has yet to comment.