Dolly Parton is on the Late Late Show tonight 11 months ago

Dolly Parton is on the Late Late Show tonight

Including the most beloved woman in all of country music.

The Late Late Show is back this Friday night with a fairly star-studded episode, especially if you're a music fan.


Bee Gees frontman Barry Gibb, and the legend herself Dolly Parton both join Ryan to discuss their decades at the top of the industry, and why they have teamed up for a brand-new album.

In honour of Gibb's appearance on the show, a special Bee Gees musical medley will be performed on the show.

Parton will also surely touch on the work she is doing with regards to a Covid-19 vaccine.

Rising star of the acting world Eve Hewson will be on to speak about her acting career to date, her current lead role in Netflix series, Behind Her Eyes, and her experience of growing up in Ireland as Bono's daughter.

Trish Kearney will tell her story about her encounters with George Gibney, who she met when she was 13.

Gibney avoided trial in Ireland on 27 counts of indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge, of young Irish swimmers, and now lives freely in the USA

Actor and comedian Pat Shortt and his daughter Faye Shortt will join Ryan to speak about teaming up together as a comedy duo, and Irish Pickers star Ian Dowling will be in the studio to present a "treasure trove" of salvage items he has found.


Finally, singer-songwriter Megan O'Neill will perform her song 'Time in a Bottle', which features in the popular new series Firefly Lane.

The Late Late Show kicks off on Friday 19 February on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.