Donald Trump called Prince Charles the 'Prince of Whales' and absolutely nah 1 year ago

Donald Trump called Prince Charles the 'Prince of Whales' and absolutely nah

Jesus Christ, like.

There are plenty of things you could call Prince Charles.


You could call him unfortunate. You could call him fine. You could call him heartless for moving on so quickly with Camilla after Diana's death (and essentially during her lifetime).

All of the above are acceptable.

You couldn't, however, call him the Prince of Whales... because that is absolutely not what he is.

Donald Trump thinks he is though - absolutely confirming the fact that Trump also does not understand that Wales is a real life country.

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Rather he think that Charles is the Prince of Whales, as in the mammal one would find in the sea. He is the prince of them. He is really a mermaid.

Trump revealed his deeply flawed misunderstanding earlier today when he was going on about all of the world leaders he meets with and those he is willing to speak to about the other US presidential candidates.



“I meet and talk to ‘foreign governments’ every day," he wrote on Twitter.

“I just met with the Queen of England (UK), the Prince of Whales, the PM of the United Kingdom, the PM of Ireland, and the President of Poland."

And yeah, that's really all you need to read of it, tbh.


Trump's tweet was up for a solid 25 minutes before it was deleted and replaced with one that doesn't mention the Prince of Whales at all.

Shame, seems like a standup guy, that.