Dublin Airport in "shambles" after weekend of chaos 1 month ago

Dublin Airport in "shambles" after weekend of chaos


Passengers at Dublin Airport over the weekend have said the extensive queues haven't gotten any quieter as many say they waited hours in line.


Describing them as "chaotic" and the "worst in Europe", some said they were in line for up to two hours.

There were said to be delays in both terminals by Sunday evening and some flights were delayed due to this.

One person told Dublin Live that he waited for two hours at security before noticing the sign displayed a 40-minute wait.

"People skipping the queues which you normally wouldn’t mind but everyone was in the same boat being late, so just made things worse and added to the frustration and anger," he said.


"People, while extremely patient for the most part, were very angry because of this.

"Most of the tourists and non Irish residents were bewildered and enraged by the chaotic scenes at an international airport and let’s face it they were right."


Others headed to social media to show their disappointment in the system being run at the airport, with one saying: "a total disgrace how you manage the airport. Probably the worst I ever been in Europe. More than two hours to go through security. And one staff member said is because everyone is travelling after COVID. You need to do something now! This is a joke."

Another added: "Took 1.5hrs to get through security and loads of flights including my own have been delayed. Dublin Airport have been an absolute shambles today."

A third wrote: "Tonight your airport is a disaster. Shameful wait of 2 hours to clear security. This isn’t how you run an airport."

While a fourth added: "Dublin Airport Terminal 1 never seen an airport so bad. People crying and pleading to skip the queue."