Dublin TD concerned with "toxic masculinity" after overhearing comments shouted on a train 1 month ago

Dublin TD concerned with "toxic masculinity" after overhearing comments shouted on a train


*Content warning - This article contains references to rape and sexual assault*


A Dublin based TD has warned against "toxic masculinity" after overhearing some vile comments being made on his commute home.

Dublin Fingal TD Alan Farrell took to social media to tell all about the comments he heard while on a train to Malahide, comments that left him and other passengers in complete shock.

According to the TD, a group of "lads" were chanting "let's rape her", directing their comments at a woman on her own on the train.

"I don’t think I’ve ever felt compelled to tweet about such things, but from my journey home tonight on the DART, we have a very long way to go to ensure toxic masculinity is eradicated from our society. Chants of “let’s rape her” were heard amongst lads, after lone women," Farrell tweeted.

"Exited the train, before our final destination. I even checked with fellow passengers if I had heard wrong. I was criticised for highlighting it, on egress. [sic]


"Such a depressing event, such young men. Supposedly in touch with what it means to be a 21st century man."

The TD went on to explain that he had "no question" that they were locals when he confronted the group at Malahide, while others "had a go at him" for his political beliefs.

"Toxic masculinity is where bravado takes over and decency has no meaning. There was no excuse for it, especially given it was issued in hushed tones, after the women had left the train; but not all women; some remained," Alan concluded.

This comes amid fresh calls for safety for women in the streets across the UK and Ireland.

The recent sentencing of Wayne Couzens and subsequent 'advice' issued by the Metropolitan Police has led to criticism after women were encouraged keep themselves safe, and men were not encouraged to change their behaviour.