When do the clocks go forward? Everything you need to know 2 years ago

When do the clocks go forward? Everything you need to know

Spring forward!

OK, so every year it happens, twice a year... and every year we get confused.

Well, maybe not confused as such... but questions such as 'are they going back or forward?' and 'what day?' and 'what time?' always get thrown around.

So, in order to set everything straight, here's everything you need to know:

Tonight at 1am on Sunday, March 25 the clocks will spring forward to 2am, marking the start of Irish Summer Time.

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Most of us have our phones connected to the Internet, so they will update automatically. But make sure to change your watches, clocks and whatever other timepieces you have in the house manually.

The European Parliament will voted earlier this year on whether or not to abolish the Daylight Savings Time.

Many claimed that putting the clocks forward and backward can negatively affect people's mental and physical health.

Daylight Saving Time could be scrapped forever today

Research suggests that the one-hour time change twice a year can throw off your body clock; but only least temporarily.

Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly believed that there is no point in changing the clocks twice a year, and fought for it to be abolished.

However, as you've probably copped by now, the vote didn't pass, and daylight savings time is here to stay.