Flu-like symptoms "unlikely to be anything but Covid," says Holohan 1 month ago

Flu-like symptoms "unlikely to be anything but Covid," says Holohan

The test positivity rate in the community is nearing 25%.

Flu-like symptoms are unlikely to be anything other than Covid-19, Dr Tony Holohan has said.


The Chief Medical Officer said yesterday that anybody experiencing symptoms similar to the flu probably will test positive for coronavirus. He also urged those awaiting a test to self isolate.

"The positivity rate in the community is approaching 25%," Holohan said. "If you have these symptoms, it is unlikely to be anything else other than Covid at this point in time.

"If you're waiting for a test, if you’ve been referred by your GP or waiting for the result of a test, you must self-isolate."

Holohan added that GPs are seeing very few patients experiencing flu-like symptoms who don't have coronavirus. These symptoms can include a dry cough, trouble breathing, a fever, headaches, and a loss of taste or smell.

Yesterday again saw the highest number of Covid-19 cases recorded in Ireland in one day. 6,110 additional cases were recorded by the Department of Health on Monday, with six further deaths.

The continuing increase in cases comes ahead of a crucial decision regarding the reopening of primary and secondary schools across the country.

The Department of Education has already delayed the reopening on schools until Monday December 11, a delay which many expect to be extended until the end of January given the prevalence of coronavirus in the community.


Immunologist Professor Luke O'Neill said yesterday that he "couldn't see" the schools reopening on Monday if cases continue to rise this week.

"It will depend on the numbers this week. If we get to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the numbers are even higher, I can't see the schools opening," he said.

"It's another risk. I believe yesterday many of the ministers who were asked are assuming the schools won't re-open. So it is heading in that direction it looks like."