Footprints have been found in the search for missing teenager Nóra Quoirin 1 year ago

Footprints have been found in the search for missing teenager Nóra Quoirin

New developments have been made in the search for Nóra Quoirin.

Footprints believed to belong to missing 15-year-old Nóra Quoirin have been discovered in the Malaysian jungle.

The teenager who has learning difficulties went missing almost a week ago while on vacation with her family in Malaysia.

Police have been combing the jungle near where the teen disappeared in the hope that they can bring her home safely.

Local authorities are using a recording of Nóra's mother's voice to try and reach the teenager in the hope that Nóra will make herself known to them.

Forest trackers who discovered the footprints say that they are still at a loss as to where the teen could be.

Ahmad Mukhlis Mokhta, operation division assistant director of the State Fire and Rescue Department spoke to the New Straits Times:

 "We are assisting the police in the search by deploying our K9 Unit, as well as 55 personnel, which include 30 from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya.

"The search area remains within 6km of the resort, and our focus is on the forest. Each agency involved is divided into six groups.

"Previously, our detective canines had spotted footprints, but when we conducted a search there, we couldn’t find her."

Nóra's family believe that the young teen was abducted from the cottage they were staying in and police are currently investigating fingerprints that were found on an open window at the accommodation.

The 15-year-old's parents, who are Irish and French, discovered that she was not in her room and that the window of her hotel room had been left open but those closest to her insist that she would never wander off alone.