GALLERY: Huge Turnout For 'Repeal The 8th' Protest In Dublin 5 years ago
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GALLERY: Huge Turnout For 'Repeal The 8th' Protest In Dublin

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Thousands of people have turned out to a protest in Dublin city centre calling on the Government to repeal the 8th Amendment.

The demonstration is one of several taking place across Ireland and Europe this evening, organised by Choice Ireland, AIMS Ireland, Rally for Choice, and the Abortions Rights Campaign.

The protests have been sparked by a recent case involving a "vulnerable" women who was coerced into continuing with a pregnancy caused by rape and delivering the baby at 24 weeks by Caesarian section.

The campaigners are calling for a referendum on the controversial 8th Amendment in order to repeal it from the constitution and leave the way clear for limited, legalised abortion.

However, anti-abortion campaigners have accused the groups of using the case to push for more abortion.

"It has been bizarre to see the reaction of abortion supporters to this sad case on Twitter and other forums," said Clare Molloy of Youth Defence.

“Their repeated refrain is to say the great pity here is that the baby — a real person now in a neonatal intensive-care unit — was not terminated. Their lack of compassion is breathtaking.”



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