Over half of us Irish millennials have done this in public 3 years ago

Over half of us Irish millennials have done this in public

Oh my.

Well it turns out Irish millennials really are far more liberated than the old-school bunch.


Young people across Europe - one million of them to be precise - were asked about various topics including politics and, their attitude towards sex.

Researchers compared 18-34-year-olds here in Ireland with those in 14 other European nations – and we learned a few things. Fifteen percent said they have tried S&M and eight out of 10 men, plus seven out of 10 women admitted they wouldn’t be happy without sex.

But here’s the bit that sort of made us gasp a little. The data gathered by the European Broadcasting Union showed that out of all nationalities in Europe, 55 percent of Irish millennials claimed they had had sex in a public space.

Now the naturalist in us is saying ‘ah, sure isn’t that as nature intended?’ But it’s a bit MAD that it’s over half surely?

Can’t you just hear granny dropping that remark – ‘It would have never happened in MY day.’

Well now we can tell granny, we’re now a very randy bunch altogether.