Have You Registered To Vote In The Same-Sex Marriage Referendum? Here's What You Need To Know... 8 years ago

Have You Registered To Vote In The Same-Sex Marriage Referendum? Here's What You Need To Know...

The upcoming same-sex marriage referendum has been one of the main topics of conversation across Ireland in the past few months but the most important thing is to have your say on polling day.

The referendum will take place on May 22nd, alongside a vote on the age of presidential candidates, and if you haven't registered to take part yet or need to change your address on the register, there's still time.


Tuesday May 5th is the deadline for getting your business in order and if you're not sure whether you're already registered, the Referendum Commission has launched a new app to find out.


The voter registration app guides people through the simple procedure of checking to see whether or not they are on the register and downloading the forms required to register if they are not already on the list of those eligible to vote. Those who find they are not registered or are registered at the wrong address can correct this if they get the forms to their local authority on or before May 5th.

The Commission’s App can be accessed from its Facebook page here.



“This Facebook App is an easy way for people to check the register and get registered before polling day.  Alternatively people can go straight to checktheregister.ie. One of the primary functions of the Referendum Commission is to encourage people to vote, and encouraging voter registration in this way is an important part of this,” said the Chairman of the Referendum Commission, Mr Justice Kevin Cross.

“Every Irish citizen aged 18 or over on polling day is entitled to vote. Yet many people will find that they can’t use this vote for the simple reason that they are not registered, or are registered at an old address.  A referendum is an occasion when a decision is made not by the Government, the Houses of the Oireachtas or by the Courts, but by the people who vote.  It is very important to check the register now to ensure your voice will be heard.”