Here's some clarity about the 'Her Body NO Choice' mural just off Camden Street 1 year ago

Here's some clarity about the 'Her Body NO Choice' mural just off Camden Street

There's was some confusion at first.

But fear not, it's all for the Yes side.

This morning, a brilliant mural went up just across from the Fat Fox café off Camden Street. However, only a few minutes ago, 'NO' in red paint was sprayed across the work of art.

At first there was a bit of confusion about what it all meant, however, now we have clarification from Fat Fox that the mural is indeed in favour of Repealing the 8th.

Speaking to Fat Fox, they cleared it all up saying: "It's all in favour of repeal.

"It's saying currently women have no choice but if we repeal they will."

And talking about the reaction to the mural, they said: "Police have been down. It's crazy down here. Everyone is stopping. Loads of people shouting at the police but it is a positive!"

Many believed the NO was branded by a retain the 8th campaigner, so we're absolutely delighted it's the other way around and it brings a stark message to passersby who see that the women of Ireland currently have no choice over their own bodies.

"We are on a big push for the last hurdle. I've never seen so many repeal jumpers come into the shop," the lads at the Fat Fox said.

There are only three days to go until the referendum, with both sides making a major push for either retaining or repealing.

Subset, who created the mural - and who are pro choice - also shared the mural on their Instagram account.

@repealproject #repealthe8th @together4yes #togetherforyes #repeal #tá

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