Here's some hilarious facts about what us Irish think of summer 4 years ago

Here's some hilarious facts about what us Irish think of summer

It seems us Irish are a funny bunch when it comes to dealing with warm weather.

Each and every time summer commences it’s all so new and exciting. Something we’re so unfamiliar with and we just can’t handle it.


And oh yes, we have evidence. As part of Tesco’s ‘Summer is Complicated’ survey, Tesco Mobile Ireland asked over 1000 Irish people just what they thought of the sunny season which presented some hilarious and unexpected (some also expected) results.

Let’s begin with a result that is just not okay. Only 50 percent of us wear sun cream on a VERY hot day. Okay, us pasties need our sun protection, for both our health and so as we can have a pleasant sleep at night. Not to mention the dehydration sun burn brings. Don’t turn into a wrinkled old grape overnight and wear that sun cream.

What’s the most common conversation topic you’ll have with let’s say, your granny? The weather we hear you say. It turns out 62 percent of us begin talking about the weather as an awkward conversation starter. Let’s face it, this will never phase out. It’s too instilled in the Irish culture. Expect plenty more news regarding the weather.

Sixty-two percent of us also think others are ‘ok or good’ at dressing for Irish weather, while 38 percent believe we’re terrible. In fairness it will probably be winter again tomorrow so is there really much point in investing in heaps of summer clothing? We think not. Although on a day like today, we were glad to have that light-weight breezy ensemble to pop on.

What embarrasses us most during summer? Sweat patches it seems. Perhaps veer away from light grey clothing. Many have learned that the hard way at the gym when it is as obvious as. Second position in the most embarrassing summer faux pas was getting burned. Well we know how to take precautions there. Hairy legs and arm-pits bothered 21 percent of us – we feel your pain. It’s such an effort, while 7 percent feared being caught naked or topless.


And of course, a question many all over the country are desperately waiting to get answers to. Which county is most loved for summer holidays? Drum roll please… Kerry is unsurprisingly the people’s favourite with 23% of the vote followed by Dublin, Galway, west Cork, Donegal and Clare.

Although we might be doing more travelling than we’d expect in an attempt to find the sunshine. They also found that we’re a jealous bunch who don’t like hearing it’s warmer elsewhere, as 45 percent of us become more agitated and disappointed by the heart-breaking news. This does sound rather familiar.