Young Mother Dies Saving One-Year-Old Daughter's Life 7 years ago

Young Mother Dies Saving One-Year-Old Daughter's Life

A mother’s maternal instinct is a wonderful thing and the heroic lengths some go to protect their children in nothing short of incredible.

On Wednesday 13th April, 20-year-old Lauren Heath died while protecting her daughter.


Lauren was strolling with her one-year-old Millie when a lorry veered into their path.

The accident, which occurred on Basingstoke Road in Reading, saw the young mum thrust her daughter's pram out of the oncoming lorry's way. Heath was tragically killed upon impact.


Baby Millie survived the crash with just a small cut to her head, and friends of Lauren have set up a fundraising campaign on Gofundme to look after Millie and support her as she grows up.


Over the course two days, the account has already made £13,000 (€16,000).

We wish baby Millie and Lauren's family and friends all the best in the future.

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