Ibrahim Halawa has confirmed his first TV interview 4 years ago

Ibrahim Halawa has confirmed his first TV interview

This will be a must watch.

Ibrahim Halawa has confirmed that he will do his first televised sit down interview this Friday on The Late Late Show.


The Dubliner will join Ryan to speak about his four-year imprisonment in Eygpt after being arrested at a mosque in Cairo.

Taking to his Facebook page he updated his friends and family saying:

"I will be on the late late show on Friday. Stay tuned to listen to my story.  Thank you to everyone who has helped so far."

After a drawn-out mass trial, he was finally acquitted of all charges of inciting violence, riot and sabotage last month. He was one of 450 people arrested at a mosque in the capital city in August 2013 amid protests after then-president Mohammed Morsi was ousted.

Ibrahim's imprisonment received a lot of criticism, not only towards the Egyptian state but also at the Irish government for their failing efforts to release the Dubliner.

During his time in prison, Ibrahim went on hunger strike and was so weak that he needed to use a wheelchair as an aid.