Popular Irish cafe bans customers wearing pyjamas 5 months ago

Popular Irish cafe bans customers wearing pyjamas

Are they overreacting?

I would wear my pajamas to work if I could. I'd happily wear them to the cinema and on planes, but I'm not a toddler and can no longer get away with wearing pajamas in public. It's frowned upon. It's seen as lazy, but honestly, I think it's genius. Who wouldn't want to be comfy and cozy all the time?


But some people don't agree with me.

One cafe was less than impressed with their customers' attire, so much so that they actually banned them from the premises.

According to The Irish Mirror, Sage & Stone café in Meath has implemented a "no pajamas rule" in their cafe.

They posted a short statement online after introducing the new policy.


"We welcome anyone and everyone who comes to dine wearing their own smart casual clothing."

"We welcome hard-working people who come in their work gear as long as it is cleanish. However, we draw the line at people coming to dine in our café for breakfast wearing their pajamas."

Many people agreed with the cafe's policy, but others felt it was a little over the top.


Earlier this year, parents were slated for wearing their pajamas during the school run.

But are they really causing any harm?