This Irish tech duo want to reward you for NOT hitting the snooze button 3 years ago

This Irish tech duo want to reward you for NOT hitting the snooze button

This is a game changer.

Are you a snoozer? We LOVE the snooze button here at Her, it's the modern day equivalent of shouting to your mother '5 MORE MINUTES'.


Although the downside is, it can make you late, all those 5 minutes add up.

How about an incentive to jump out of bed without tapping the pesky snooze button? A free coffee perhaps? Or how about a discount at your local shop? Even a free gym session could be yours if you DON'T press snooze.

We're not messing.

Irish duo Ruairi Finnegan and Dan Moriarty’s app FIRST:UP connects brands with sleepy users, rewarding people for waking up each day.

The app uses positive reinforcement to train users to make the most out of their day by getting moving faster.

Speaking to Irish tech news, Ruairi said his day would always go better when he woke up early,

“By 9 o’clock, I would already have a great start to the day,” says Finnegan. “It would really strengthen my resolve to achieve more.”


FIRST:UP is also simple to use, you simply pick your brand and see what rewards it offers, choose the reward you'd like, bank your sleeps, set your alarm and off you pop.

Check out the promotional video, which we've watched 7 times, it makes us sleepy;




That voice! The app will launch a limited test in Ireland this month with a wider release in May.

We're excited.