Joe Biden "wants to visit Ireland" again when he takes office as President 1 year ago

Joe Biden "wants to visit Ireland" again when he takes office as President

You can hear him pouring the perfect pint already...

It's no secret that a lot of Irish people are big fans of Joe Biden - his great-great grandfather Patrick Blewitt was born in Ballina, Co Mayo and he has a lots of family here.


And of course, it helps that he's always talked about his Irish heritage and expressed his love for our island.

Over the weekend, the president elect's Irish cousins all came together in the Cooley Peninsula to celebrate Biden's big win - and according to him, he always had plans to come back and visit.

The president elect's distant cousin Eamonn Thornton in Co Louth told the Irish Mirror: “I told him we are going to hold you to your word, that if you ever became President, that two years into your office you would come back and visit us.

"He said if it is at all possible I’ll be doing that, I guarantee you that.”

Biden visited Ireland on an official visit back in 2016 when he was Obama's vice president. While here he visited the Cooley Peninsula and met lots of his distant cousins.

John Owen Finnegan, another one of Biden's cousins, said they feel "honoured" to have him in their family. "He is one of our own now," he said.


“We met him in 2016 in Finnegan’s pub, we had our photos taken with him and wished him the best of luck then and we still wish him the best of luck and good health to him and we wish him back here as soon as possible.”

Biden and running mate Kamala Harris will take office in January of next year.