Kate Middleton's shopping 'targeted by Isis' as terror group allegedly plot to poison her 3 years ago

Kate Middleton's shopping 'targeted by Isis' as terror group allegedly plot to poison her

Kate Middleton's shopping has been "targeted by Isis" as the terror group allegedly plot to poison the royal.

Messages sent from members of the group via the encrypted messaging app Telegram allude to methods of poisoning the Duchess by targeting the supermarkets she shops at.


A photo of Kate pushing a trolley was allegedly posted in the app with the caption: "We know what she eats - poison it."

Details about the shops the Duchess frequently shops in were also included in the chat.

The Daily Star reports that Prince George was targeted in the poison plot too as a photo of him holding hands with Prince William were shared alongside the caption: “Rise of the kuffar” - which translates as “unbeliever."

An Isis member holding a knife was also present in the image.


A source told the publication that the details of the chat were being taken "very seriously" and that the threats were "not idle."

Rather, they have been linked to similar messages sent by former Husnain Rashid - the man who was jailed for plotting Prince George's death last year.

Rashid was sentenced to 25 years in prison for terrorism offences following some 290,000 messages he had sent on encrypted sites regarding the royal family.


The source said that all messages on the Telegram app are being monitored.

“Intelligence agents believe the threats made against Kate are not idle and are linked to messages sent by Husnain Rashid," they said.

“It’s a disgusting plot as it involves Kate’s young children, and hits out at her attempt to live a normal life like any mother wants to.”


They also added that the tracing of the messages was not "run of the mill" and that the threats are being taken seriously by authorities.

“This is not run of the mill Twitter trolling," they said. "They are messages that are exchanged globally between jihadis that are often erased very quickly detailing attack plans."

“The fact Husnain Rashid was jailed over his involvement on it shows how seriously it is taken.”