Louise Cooney reveals she feels "much safer" after returning from New York 1 year ago

Louise Cooney reveals she feels "much safer" after returning from New York

The blogger is self-isolating in Limerick.

We were all glued to her feed a few months back as Irish blogger Louise Cooney embarked upon her New York adventure. From designing her apartment to the arrival of her ridiculously adorable dog Cooper ('Coops'), Louise documented every aspect of her life and shared the ups and downs of entering the blogging world stateside before the Coronavirus hit.


Just last week though, Louise made the tough decision to come back to Ireland as the Covid-19 virus continued to take hold in New York. The city has all but shut down and Louise told us how drastic and abrupt the change was:

"I didn't want to leave but the city was not the city that I moved to, without the people and the buzz and being able to go out... New York is just not the same."

Being confined to your home is not easy for anyone as we've all been learning over the last few weeks, but throw in being thousands of miles away from your friends and family on top of that, Louise explained how frightening it was:

"Watching the numbers go up every day was really scary and when you look at the numbers now even since we left, they've gone up so much! It was definitely the right decision. My parents were getting really worried so I just had to make that call, I couldn't live in an apartment, in a room by myself while this was going on."

We caught up with Louise, as she self-isolates with her friend and fellow New Yorker Charlotte, on this week's episode of Girls With Goals . We're discussing her temporary return to Ireland, being sensitive when it comes to creating content at this difficult time and what the future holds.

Click the link below to hear the full interview with Louise.


We also have to mention the incredible work that Louise has been doing recently raising much needed funds for Pieta House. You can head over to her Instagram account to find out more.


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❤️PLEASE READ❤️ I know I’ve been so lucky to be able to isolate in such beautiful surroundings but it isn’t lost on me that while some people are enjoying this rare downtime, for others this is an exceptionally difficult time. Being isolated from family and friends, unemployment and uncertainty have a huge impact on mental health. . Yesterday @pieta.house reached out to me, as they have been receiving an unprecedented amount of calls with people looking for help during this difficult time. . Mental Health is something that’s very close to my heart. Less than a year ago my family went through the heartbreak of suicide so I understand first hand the devastation it brings and the importance of having access to services like Pieta House. . My aunt, who lost her beautiful son, my cousin Nicky, has very bravely recorded a video to help share this message and raise much needed funds and awareness. . I understand during this time people have lost their jobs and are out of work but I would love if you could donate €5 (or whatever you can afford) to this very worthy cause. It really would make such a difference to help everyone at a time when we so need it ✨Where there is life there is hope ✨ . I’ve kickstarted the donations with €1000, the link is in my bio & stories. Please give what you can ❤️

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