Man Arrested For Allegedly Cooking His Girlfriend’s Dog And Feeding It To Her 4 years ago

Man Arrested For Allegedly Cooking His Girlfriend’s Dog And Feeding It To Her

A man who allegedly cooked his girlfriend’s dog and fed it to her, has been arrested in California following months of physical abuse.

Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh, denies killing the woman’s Pomeranian, called Bear, and claimed the incident was a joke but could not explain to police where the missing dog was located.

The 34-year old’s girlfriend had previously rang the police reporting domestic violence and stalking, but the couple briefly reconciled in the first week of September, where the woman noted that Watenpaugh prepared a dinner where he served her meat.

According to Redding Police Department, he texted his girlfriend a week later asking how her dog Bear tasted, claiming she had eaten it in the meal he had cooked for her.

Watenpaugh then sent a series of menacing text messages outlining his plans for the animal’s remains.

Police reports indicated that the woman saw her ex-boyfriend pull up outside her house and put a bag outside the door before walking away.

When the woman, who has not been named, opened it, she found what she believed to be her dog’s paws.

She called the police detailing alleged abuse by Watenpaugh including numerous physical assaults over several months leaving bruises and cuts.

A search of Watenpaugh’s home discovered a Romanian AK-47 assault rifle and multiple rounds of ammunition. He was arrested on Thursday while driving in the nearby village of Palo Cedro.

Watenpaugh is being held in Shasta County Jail, Redding, on charges of animal cruelty, domestic violence, false imprisonment and stalking.

 Image via The Independent