Man Buys Airplane And Converts It Into A Home In The Woods 9 years ago

Man Buys Airplane And Converts It Into A Home In The Woods

Former electrical engineer Bruce Campbell has made a home out of the most unusual material – an old Boeing 727.

Situated deep in the Oregon woods and surround by rolling hills, the plane, complete with wings and resting on pillars, looks like it was plucked from the sky.


In 1999, Campbell had a dream to save retired jetliners from becoming scrap metal and reusing him to fuel his vision.


"Mine is to change humanity's behavior in this little niche," the 64-year-old said to Reuters, who bought the land where the aircraft sits back when he was in his early 20s.

His original plan was make a home from freight vans but then decided a plane would be better (we'd tend to agree!)


Campbell bought the Boeing 727 and has put about $220,000 and many years into the project. On board the aircraft he lives a simple life, sleeping on a futon, washing in a makeshift shower and making meals from a microwave or toaster.

"I think most people are nerds in their hearts in some measure," he said. "The point is to have fun”.

(Images via Bored Panda)