Man claiming to have time-travelled from the future has a fascinating warning 4 years ago

Man claiming to have time-travelled from the future has a fascinating warning

'Where we're going, we don't need roads.'

A time traveller who says he has come back from the future has made some interesting claims about what's in store for humanity.


Known only as Edward, the man says he was working as an engineer in a laboratory in Los Angeles in 2004 when he took part in an experiment and travelled to the year 5,000 to take photos.

He's now back in 2018 and has shared what he says we can expect from the years to come - and it's pretty grim.

In a video clip thought to be filmed in a park in Armenia, he shows an image he claims to have taken of L.A. in the future, when the whole city will be underwater.


"I was standing on a huge wooden platform," he says.

"Not only me, houses, buildings of course, all made from wood.

"And after, I realised it was the same city, Los Angeles, but underwater."

The melting of ice caps as a result of global warming will cause the city to disappear under the sea, he said.


This follows the story of another man who came forward last week claiming to have come from the year 2030 with his own predictions.

This man, known as Noah, told Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O that he was risking his life by coming back to share what he knew, reports the Mirror.

trump abortion

He told them that Donald Trump will win a second term as US president and that he knows who will succeed him in the presidency.


"I can't tell you the name of the next president, because first of all, he does something really bad.

"And he's already a political figure right now, so I can't say who he is."

There may be some hope for the future, though, as a granddaughter of Martin Luther King will become US president in the near future, Noah claimed.

Yolanda Renee King, who is currently nine years old, will become president in 2030 at the age of 21, he says.

Yolanda Renee King meets then-president Barack Obama in 2013.


Under US law, you have to be 35 or older to be elected as the US commander-in-chief.

"They pass a new law that basically makes it so you can be younger as president."

We're just a little sceptical about anyone travelling in time but global warming and another term of Trump? It doesn't sound all that far-fetched.

You can watch the video of Edward, the man who says he saw LA in the year 5,000, here.