McDonald's are being praised for helping a boy with autism in a brilliant way 5 years ago

McDonald's are being praised for helping a boy with autism in a brilliant way

They made one little boy very happy with their act of kindness.

In the US, a 6-year-old boy with autism was made feel very unwelcome in a restaurant called Gold Corral.


E.J. Paterson and his mother and family were asked to leave the restaurant when they were dining, as E.J. was eating McDonald's chips at the table.

Despite E.J.'s mother, Latonya, telling the staff that her child had autism and the fries were the only thing he was able to eat, they were told to leave.

Latonya Whitaker uploaded a very emotional response about being made leave the restaurant to Facebook.

Upon hearing of the ignorance little E.J. suffered from the Gold Corral eatery, manager of a nearby McDonald's, Matt Traub, decided to welcome E.J. to his store.

Traub said that some of his family work in helping the autism community, so E.J. was awarded a year's supply of free fries from the fast-food branch.

Speaking to ABC, Matt explained why he decided to reward E.J. with the incredible gift: "I just want to reward our fans and make his day, make him happy."


Upon receiving the vouchers for a year's worth of free chips for her son, Latonya told of her joy at making her son happy with the food he loves the most.

"It was a beautiful moment. For them to actually care and understand and to help me, that's a blessing. Everybody is not so understanding. People don't go out of their way to help other people."

People took to Twitter to commend McDonald's for their lovely gesture.