Met Eireann has some pretty bad news about the weather forecast for next week 2 years ago

Met Eireann has some pretty bad news about the weather forecast for next week

Please no.

Okay so we've been pretty lucky lately with the weather, in fairness.


It's been sunny a lot of the time, and temperatures have been pretty high.

Well folks, next week, it looks like we're in for some classic Irish weather.

Rain, and quite a bit of it.

According to Met Eireann, there will be a few showers on Monday night. It will be mild with lowest temperatures of 11 to 15 degrees in light southerly or variable breezes.


There will be scattered showers on Tuesday with the odd heavy one and some bright or sunny spells. Top temperatures will reach 19 to 22 degrees in light to moderate southwesterly breezes.

Showers will become isolated on Tuesday night. Becoming cloudy with outbreaks of rain spreading into Atlantic coastal counties towards morning. It will stay mild with lowest temperatures around 11 to 14 degrees in light southwest to westerly breezes backing southerly towards morning.

met eireann

Wednesday will be a cloudy day with rain in the west spreading gradually further eastwards during the day in a moderate southerly breeze, fresh and gusty along Atlantic coasts. The rain will turn persistent in the afternoon and evening, especially in the west and northwest. Top temperatures of 18 to 21 degrees, coolest in the northwest.


Wednesday night rain will clear eastwards to isolated showers and some clear spells.

Thursday will see some sunny spells and scattered showers, some heavy or prolonged in the north. Top temperatures will be around 17 to 20 degrees in a moderate westerly breeze. Thursday night showers will become isolated.

Friday is likely to continue unsettled with scattered showers and top temperatures in the high teens.

So yeah, if Met Eireann are right (and they usually are) we're in for a very rainy, but humid, week.