Met Éireann predict "hazardous driving conditions" as warning issued 1 year ago

Met Éireann predict "hazardous driving conditions" as warning issued

Drivers are urged to take caution this morning.

Met Éireann has issued a weather warning with "hazardous conditions" throughout the country.


The warning is due to  “fog or freezing fog that developed overnight on Wednesday, could become dense in parts of Munster and Leinster overnight leading to impaired visibility and hazardous driving conditions".

Drivers in Leinster and Munster are urged to be cautious on their commutes.

The warning will remain in place until 12 pm today.

The general forecast for the rest of the day is fog and low clouds which will persist in parts of the south and southeast throughout the day.


There may be some patchy drizzle in the west and northwest. Highest temperatures will be between 5 to 10 degrees although it may be colder in areas where the fog persists.

Tonight will be dry with clear spells, with light winds and a potential touch of frost. Lowest temperatures will drop between  -1 and +3 degrees.

Friday morning looks set to have similar weather conditions in store, with forecasters predicting that “areas of mist and fog will be slow to clear... and they could linger for much of the day in some eastern and northern parts of the country."

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