Met Éireann predict that we're in for a pretty grim weekend 8 months ago

Met Éireann predict that we're in for a pretty grim weekend

Thought it was going to be nice out?

Think again?

It feels like we've been in this summer/winter limbo forever, where it's warm but still raining day after day. At this stage, we honestly would prefer the colder weather to just set in.

But no, this weekend temperatures are going to reach 21 degrees and of course, it's going to lash down.

Met Éireann said that tomorrow, Saturday, "will begin dry in most areas. Good sunny spells over the north and east for a while. Showery rain in the southwest will spread gradually eastwards during the afternoon and evening.

"The rain will turn heavy over parts of Munster and Connacht late in the day, whereas some eastern counties may remain dry. Southeast winds will further freshen. Highest temperatures 18 to 21 degrees."

Sunday will be much the same, with mixed weather throughout the whole day.

"[It] will be mostly cloudy cooler and windy with further showery outbreaks of rain. Some heavy downpours are possible locally, but winds veering southwest will have eased and rain will clear in the evening."

Rain coats and sun cream then?