Met Éireann share the weekend weather forecast and we're just not that into it 1 year ago

Met Éireann share the weekend weather forecast and we're just not that into it

The weather forecast for the weekend is here and we're really not feeling it.

Grey, grey and more grey is the name of the day, not to forget a risk of snow and multiple rain showers to boot. Delightful altogether.


Although the weather for each section is broken down by province on the official Met Éireann website, there's also a national outlook available for the next few days and here's what it looks like.

Today is mainly foggy, a dry day overall but with patches of drizzle. Think very cloudy with a light breeze. Watch out for those "occasional sunny interludes" though.

Saturday then will be "mainly dry, with a few bright spells, but mostly cloudy. A little patchy rain or drizzle is likely, especially on Atlantic coasts, turning more persistent there in the evening and early night".

Temperatures on both days are likely to be between seven and ten degrees although it will turn cold on Saturday night.

Sunday will see a mix of "sunny spells and scattered showers" and again, temperatures will dip that night with a risk of "frost and icy patches".


It's expected to be colder again on Sunday night, hot water bottles at the ready so!

"Rain will clear quickly from the east on Sunday to leave a cold and blustery day with sunshine and scattered showers, some wintry. Maximum afternoon temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees in brisk southwest winds. Showers will become widespread across the country overnight and will turn increasingly wintry with some falls of sleet or snow. Very cold and frosty with minimum temperatures of -1 to +3 degrees in fresh and gusty southwest winds".

The cold weather will continue into Monday with temperatures between -2 and +3 degrees expected overnight and a "fairly widespread frost".