Met Éireann says that the weather is going to be pretty bad all weekend 1 year ago

Met Éireann says that the weather is going to be pretty bad all weekend

No thanks...

June is it? Yeah we don't bloody think so.


Currently, it is grey, cold and pissing rain - not exactly the dream summer weather we've been hoping for.

Well lads, I hate to say it, but according to Met Éireann, this weekend won't see much of an improvement.

The general consensus? Cool, unsettled and changeable.

The forecast reads:

"Friday will see some heavy or thundery falls of rain are expected over many northern, midland and eastern areas, with some spot flooding is likely. But the rain will be lighter further south and west and eventually die out over much of Connacht and Munster. Lows of 5 to 8 C. in light to moderate variable or southwest winds."

Yep, thunder. Cool, cool.

met eireann


"Over the weekend, with an area of low pressure over or very close to Ireland, there will be sunny spells and showers on both Saturday and Sunday. A few heavy showers in places during Saturday afternoon, but most should be light and fairly well scattered, with some reasonable amounts of sunshine at times too."

"But the showers are likely to become heavy and widespread as the day progresses on Sunday and during Sunday afternoon and evening, some prolonged and locally thundery downpours are likely. Temperatures still well below normal for mid-June, both days, ranging 12 to 16 C. Winds generally moderate south to southwesterly."

And as for next week?

Well, apparently temperatures will start to recover gradually to more normal values.

"Some sunny spells each day, but some further showers at times too, especially on Monday, but drier and less showery towards midweek."


PLEASE let the summer weather come soon!