Met Police apologise for racist, sexist and threatening messages sent on social media 1 year ago

Met Police apologise for racist, sexist and threatening messages sent on social media

Content warning: This article contains reference to racist, derogatory and sexually threatening language.

Some of the officers dismissed the remarks as "banter".


The Metropolitan Police have issued an apology after a report determined that officers were sending highly offensive, racist and threatening messages on social media.

As Sky News reports, the investigation was initially launched following a complaint that an officer had sex with a drunk person in a police station. However, it led to the discovery of highly offensive and threatening language used by officers as well as evidence of bullying.

The investigation led to the discipline and sacking of some of the officers.

The report found that officers claimed that the exchanges, which included highly offensive, racist, homophobic and sexist language, were just "banter". It uncovered messages which referred to rape and sexual violence. One message read: "I would happily rape you," while another said "if I was single I would happily chloroform you".


The investigation also determined that the officers made extremely disturbing comments about African children, people from Somalia and concentration camps.

Homophobic and derogatory comments about disabled people were also included in the exchanges.

The report uncovered that officers sent messages about attending a festival dressed as known sex offenders and a child that had been molested. Moreover, one officer was referred to as "mcrapey mcraperson".


The investigation also found evidence of threatening messages. For instance, when female officers challenged their behaviour, they were told to "play the game or stay quiet" and insisted that it was part of police culture.

Additionally, officers intimidated their colleagues on probation with threats to cut their hair.

The Met Police have since issued an apology for the "reprehensible behaviour" and said that they have taken "a series of measures to hold those responsible to account and stamp out unacceptable behaviour'".

Meanwhile, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan said: "I am utterly disgusted by the behaviour outlined in this IOPC report, which details the shocking evidence of discrimination, misogyny, harassment and bullying by police officers. The conduct of these officers was totally unacceptable and what has been revealed by these investigations will only further damage public trust and confidence in the police."


If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, support is available. You can contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre on 1800 77 8888.