'Misty and murky': Met Éireann predict the next few days will be a bit manky 1 year ago

'Misty and murky': Met Éireann predict the next few days will be a bit manky

It's not looking too good... but saying that, it's not looking dreadful either.

We've been dealing with pretty bad weather over the past number of weeks and while things aren't as bad as they were, it's still not looking great.


Today is looking foggy however, a few sunny spells will break through.

"Some patches of fog will be slow to clear this morning. It will be generally cloudy today with patchy drizzle and mist. Limited sunny spells will break through during the afternoon. Highest temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees, in light variable breezes."

Tomorrow will be much the same, with temperatures reaching up to 10 degrees.

"Predominantly cloudy tomorrow, Thursday with patches of mist and fog lingering into the afternoon in some areas and patchy drizzle at times. Afternoon highs of 8 or 10 degrees, in light variable breezes."

The rest of the week and heading into the weekend is "misty and murky," with the weather forecaster saying it will be "unsettled."


"Another misty and murky night on Thursday with some patchy fog. Lowest temperatures generally 3 to 6 degrees although temperatures could fall lower in limited clear spells."

The weekend will be "cloudy and dry at first. Southerly winds will moderate as a band of rain pushes into the west early in the afternoon, spreading eastwards through the day. Winds will veer southwestwards with the clearance of the rain. Highs of 8 to 10 degrees."