Woman jailed for sharing 'sexualised' breastfeeding videos online 2 years ago

Woman jailed for sharing 'sexualised' breastfeeding videos online

A woman has been jailed for sharing "sexualised" breastfeeding videos online.

Leigh Felton had been posting footage of herself performing sex acts with her 18 month old son.


The Florida mother was found guilty of one count of lewd lascivious performance this week.

She had been accused of lewd and lascivious molestation and promoting a sexual performance by a child. If she had have been found guilty of these counts, she would have faced life in prison.

Felton had been first arrested in October, after a woman discovered that her husband had travelled to meet Felton after seeing one of her videos online.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that the 34-year-old woman admitted that she knew her behaviour was wrong, but said that she is "not a monster."

The court heard that Felton shared videos with titles such as "Mommy's a Whore" where she used oil to engage in "graphic rub-downs" and genital exposure.

The footage also showed Felton rubbing her breasts on the toddler.

The mother said that she wasn't proud of the videos but she felt that she had been "over-charged." She has experienced depression since her last relationship ended.


Her defence team argued that her videos constituted freedom of speech.