This music festival has plans to build its own beer pipeline 5 years ago

This music festival has plans to build its own beer pipeline

Priorities are in order here.

Alcohol is pretty much synonymous with music festivals, with the revellers enjoying a tipple while listening to their favourite acts. It is what it is.


However, this music festival has taken it to the next step, by applying for permission - and receiving it! - to build a beer pipeline directly to the festival bars.

According to the BBC, German metal festival Wacken Open Air will be able to deliver one glass of beer to festival goers every second, and Wacken goers consumer on average 100,000 gallons of beer ever year, with the delivery trucks of the tearing up the grounds where the festival is held, hence the beer pipeline.

There are also pipes being put it in delivery running water and remove waste, so they've got the three most important elements of infrastructure in place right there.

Now, the real question is, how long do we have to wait before we get one of these in an Irish festival?


Maybe a Bulmers pipeline to Forbidden Fruit?

An Absolut or Veuve Clicquot pipeline to Body & Soul?

A Heineken, Bacardi or Red Bull pipeline to Longitude and Electric Picnic?

The potential is endless, you guys!