Mystery surrounds the case of (frozen) flying pigs in Florida 4 years ago

Mystery surrounds the case of (frozen) flying pigs in Florida

A mysterious case of flying (frozen) pigs is baffling a community in Florida, USA.

frozen pork falls from sky FloridaA 15lb bag of frozen pork that fell from the sky onto the home of Travis Adair in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Two Florida men are baffled as to how a 15 pound bag of frozen pork landed on a roof after falling from the sky in Fort Lauderdale.

Travis Adair told news station CTV that he woke to a "big bang" at four o'clock in the morning, which he initially dismissed as thunder. However, when Mr Adair's wife Jennie later went outside she discovered two bundles of icy meat next to their house and their son, Austin, found three similar packages on the roof.

The Adairs' beach home is located close to three airports, and the baffled family believe the bundles may have fallen from a plane:

"It had to fall from the sky - it was too heavy to throw on the roof. I would have thought 15 pounds of frozen meat falling from an airplane would have put a hole in the roof."

The mysterious plot thickened when labelling on the frozen packages showed that the pork belonged to a Mr Jim Williams, a horticultural businessman who lives in a rural town over 170 miles away from the Adair family.

Mr Williams said that, although the meat did belong to him, he still has no idea how any of it ended up on the Adairs' roof. He is not a pilot and doesn't own a plane.

A friend of Mr Williams, Jimmy Fussell, who owns the butcher shop that processed and packaged the pork for Williams, said the mystery, which featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show has given locals a laugh and "beats hearing about all the politics going on."