"Nappy-Wearing Thai Bus Conductors Fight For Rights": Here Are The Best Headlines of the Week 7 years ago

"Nappy-Wearing Thai Bus Conductors Fight For Rights": Here Are The Best Headlines of the Week

Headline writing is largely regarded as being a skill that can entice an audience to click into an article or create a conversation.

And that’s exactly what these have done! In this feature, we’re taking a look at some of the most unusual headlines that made their way online during the week.


Here are some of our favourites from the week that was:

1. Detroit Press

"Tensions erupted in a courtroom Monday when a judge challenged an assistant public defender to "go out back and I'll just beat your ass"" writes the Detroit Press.


2. The Star Online

"A man who purchased a penis enlargement device online had a rude shock when he received a magnifying glass instead of the device he thought he had purchased" writes the Star online.



3. SF Gate

"After going for a walk, a German shepherd puppy owned by a Massachusetts man decided to go for a drive — straight into a pond" writes SF Gate.


4. Yahoo! News

"Stuck for hours each day in snarling traffic, bus conductors in Thailand's sprawling capital have found a radical solution to a lack of toilet breaks -- adult nappies" writes Yahoo!



5. Yahoo! 

"Phoenix woman, Dianne “DD” Barker, is an energetic 65-year-old community activist who has found herself in some hot water with a local government agency" writes Yahoo!