New Zealand records first COVID-19 cases in 102 days 5 months ago

New Zealand records first COVID-19 cases in 102 days

A late-night press conference confirmed the news.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardren, addressed the nation in a late-night conference confirming that four new cases of COVID-19 had been detected in Aukland. It's the first time a case has been confirmed for the country in 102 days. Prime Minister Arden announced that Level 3 restrictions will be introduced in Aukland, while the rest of the country will move into Level 2 restrictions.


Information about what this means for New Zealanders has been flooding social networks in recent hours. Aukland Mayor, Phil Goff, has urged people to remain calm and come together as a community:

In Aukland, long lines have formed outside supermarkets as the public react to the news:

Further updates are expected from the New Zealand Government on Wednesday.