Order all you need for EP and it'll be waiting for you when you get there 2 years ago

Order all you need for EP and it'll be waiting for you when you get there

Brought to you by Tesco Ireland. 

Now how's this for service.

Packing can be a real bane, especially when it's all that extra stuff like food, drinks, plasters, baby wipes and more that's weighing you down.

However, this year at EP, there's something SUPER handy in store for all festival goers. Tesco has set up its very own shop on the grounds of Stradbally (utterly glorious) so we can nab any bits and bobs we might need. But Tesco will also have a Click and Collect service available (praise Jesus!).

Whether we're a little forgetful, prone to injuries (think blisters - ouch!) or just want to do everything in our entire power to avoid carrying a heavy load on the day (entirely fair), Click and Collect is a dream come true.

They have four Festival Packs to choose from and you can pick yours up at any time throughout the festival. There's the Rescue Pack (€26), the Snacking Pack (nom, nom, nom, and all for €27) plus the Essentials packs (costing €37 or €33).

Simply browse through the festival packs to choose the one that's best catered to your needs (see the additional information tab to the right of your screen). Then click the tickets button to make your purchase, and bring your QR code with you to Electric Picnic.

It's all very easy really, so you'll be happy out! You'll just need to pick up the goods at either the Janis Joplin Campsite, or the Oscar Wild Campsite. And if there are any extras you're longing for when you get there, remember you can pop into the Tesco store at EP for the likes of deodorant, water, juices, shower gels, sleeping bags, food, crisps, dry shampoo, batteries - you name it - the essentials are all there. (Hurrah!)

We don't know about you, but we're excited! Surely having less baggage to carry means more room for an extra outfit or two.

Brought to you by Tesco Ireland. 

Tesco Ireland will don its festival wellies and host a pop up shop at this year’s Electric Picnic.
You'll find EP's official supermarket on site at the Andy Warhol campsite, and it'll have all those last minute helpful items and fresh daily goods you need to make the most of your festival weekend.