Fans disgusted as these late stars were left out of the Oscars 'In Memoriam' tribute 1 week ago

Fans disgusted as these late stars were left out of the Oscars 'In Memoriam' tribute

Oscars 'In Memoriam' tribute was missing many late stars..

Fans were very upset late stars like Anne Heche, Charlbi Dean, Leslie Jordan and Tom Sizemore weren't featured in last night's Oscars 'In Memoriam' segment.


The Oscars is not only an opportunity to praise those on top of their game, it's a time to remember late actors who have made a significant impact on the movie screen.

Last night, John Travolta made a very emotional tribute to the late Olivia Newton-John, who died of breast cancer last year.

He said: "Through their immeasurable contributions, each of them left an individual and indelible mark that shared and informed us.

"They've touched our hearts, they've made us smile, and became dear friends who we will always remain hopelessly devoted to."


His tearful tribute was to Olivia who sang, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" in their 1978 musical, Grease.

After the 'In Memoriam' segment fans became enraged that many stars were left out including Anne Heche who died aged 53 following a car crash last year.


She started her acting career at the age of just 12 years old so fans were puzzled as to how she wouldn't have been mentioned in the awards ceremony.

She had many big roles in movies including 'Six Days, Seven Nights', 'Donnie Brasco' and 'Wag the Dog'.

One viewer said: "The Oscars should be ashamed not including the deeply talented, too often underrated Anne Heche in their 'In Memoriam' montage."

Another star who wasn't featured in last night's Oscars was longtime film veteran, Tom Sizemore.


He died on March 3rd at the age of 61 just two weeks after suffering a brain aneurysm that left him hospitalised.

Charlbi Dean also wasn't featured in the segment. She died last August aged 32.

Given that Dean had a prominent role in Triangle of Sadness, which was nominated for three Oscars at this year's ceremony, it was quite a shock that she wasn't included in the memoriam.

Fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment surrounding who was left out of the yearly memoriam.

One stated: "No Leslie Jordan or Paul Sorvino in the In Memoriam segment. What the f***?"


Another wrote: "Leslie Jordan notably announced last year's Oscar nominees alongside Tracee Ellis Ross, and Paul Sorvino choked back tears at the 1986 show as his daughter Mira Sorvino accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress."

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