Panda-monium: Meet The New Panda Triplets In China! 7 years ago

Panda-monium: Meet The New Panda Triplets In China!

A safari park in China has revealed today they are the new home to baby panda triplets who were born late last month.

Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park announced the news the same day that Edinburgh Zoo has revealed that one of its pandas is believed to be pregnant.


The panda cubs were born on July 29th to mother Juxiao, and are the world’s only panda triplets in existence. The safari park has called the birth a “miracle”, citing advancements in panda breeding technology.

The achievement of birthing panda cubs is even bigger when both female and male pandas are notoriously uninterested in sex and are particularly choosy over mating partners, while only having a window of several days to conceive each year.

According to The Wall Street Journal, panda cubs usually open their eyes around day 50, and begin crawling at 10 weeks.

The first year will be tough for the safari park to ensure the safety of their newest arrivals as 26% of male panda cubs and 20% of females die within their first year.


The sex and names of the panda triplets have yet to be revealed, while the newborn cubs are currently inside an incubator at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou.

Image via The Wall Street Journal